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4WD Catch Cans and Engine Breathers – AXT Turbo talk

One of the most common engine modifications done today is the fitment of a engine oil catch-can. This is done for a number of reasons, the most common being to reduce the engine oil fuming. The reduction in fuming is caused by allowing the PCV system to cool the engine crankcase air to a level, where the oil condensate is captured in a remote canister. In most vehicles, this condensate cools in the intake air charge and is burnt in […]

Nissan Patrol ZD30 Di & CRD X11 Turbocharger Upgrade Options.

X11 Turbocharger Upgrade and Options. The AXT X11 Series Turbochargers have quickly become the industry standard for replacement turbochargers due to the economic advantages of utilising the improved durability and reliability derived from the AXT X11 Program. Additionally, the performance improvement potential offered, allows the installer far greater options and diversity, than from simply sticking to an OEM turbo. Exactly what is an X11 turbocharger? The X11 Series turbochargers are the product of the AXT X11 program, which was initially […]