4wd Tips and Tricks – Driving in the bush

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4wd Tips and Tricks:

What you should know before you head off if you’re thinking of driving in the bush this weekend.

  • If you’re unsure of the ground ahead, especially if there’s mud or water, get out and check it
  • Keep thumbs outside the steering wheel
  • Don’t change gear in the middle of a tricky section
  • If in doubt always choose the lower gear
  • Tyre pressures play an important part in off-road driving. Lowering tyre pressures helps in getting through. 140-180 kpa (20-26 psi) is a good tyre pressure for bush tracks.
  • Low tyre pressure = lower speed
  • Cross small ridges ‘square on’
  • Cross ditches at a slight angle
  • Straddle ruts, however on slippery downhill sections, it’s best to drop into them if they’re not too deep. On uphill sections, stay out of them if possible. On deep rutted sections you may need to do some road building.
  • If you begin to lose traction going uphill, or along a rutted track, or in mud, turn the steering wheel from side to side. This may help you keep moving. Take care you don’t career off to the right or left though!

This tip courtesy  http://www.4wdworld.com.au


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