4wd Tips and Tricks: Helpful Hints part 2 – AXT Turbo

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Some more helpful hints for your next adventure:

Vehicle showers

Products such as the Glind Shower are a must for the outback traveller. A decent warm or hot shower every day or two will be more than welcome, particularly in hot and dusty conditions. We recommend a bracket on the bull bar or roof rack to hold the shower rose and a pair of swimmers as the ideal thing for outback cleanliness. Another handy item is a plastic doormat or similar to stand on while showering so your feet get clean too – and stay clean while you dry them. And fellas, the water can be adjusted to a temperature hot enough for a shave.

Carrying water

Several viable options exist for carrying water. The most effective is plastic square or jerry cans secured behind the cargo barrier with a suitable ratchet or similar tie down. Other options include the welded vinyl Float-pac units that can be fixed or portable depending on the space available. These can even be cable-tied behind and to the cargo barrier and fitted with an outlet tap. Some also fit in the side panels of selected 4WDs. The ultimate options are stainless steel or alloy water tanks mounted inside or underneath the vehicle. These are quite expensive but maximise the space available and have outlets for ease of access. Remember that water is a must for outback 4WD driving and camping trips. And its now bad with a scotch at sundown either!

240-volt power invertors

With the advent of electrically operated equipment, such as video cameras, mobile and satellite phones, and laptop computers, 240-volt power is a must at one time or another. A simple power inverter that converts 12-volt power from your vehicle to 240 volts is a very simple and cost effective solution. For around $300, a unit will do all of do all of these things, Heavy-duty units with greater wattage capacity are available but cost more and use more of your available 12-volt power. Always link your inverter to your second (dual) battery. A decent dual battery system is essential for outback trips.

Spare air filters

We recommend the proven Unifilter foam-style air filters for all 4WD conditions. They are extremely effective and can be easily cleaned and re-oiled, saving the outlay of a conventional paper-style unit. Many of them come with an external ‘stripper’ which is a foam band that covers the inner unit and is easily replaced in seconds. Buy a few spare strippers and carry then pre-oiled in a plastic bag or container for your trip. When you do you daily vehicle check, replace the dirty stripper with a clean one. This will help your vehicle operate efficiently and protect your valuable engine from harmful dust penetration.

Courtesy of: www.4wdworld.com.au


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