Boost Now Pay Later


Introducing “Boost Now Pay Later”

We are excited to announce that we now have a financing option available for all of our X11 Turbos!

We want YOU to be out there enjoying the great outdoors with our very own reliable, efficient and powerful X11.

This is an exclusive offer available nowhere else!

Why would you wait, when you can be hitting the tracks with your mates, or taking that long awaited holiday with your family with a brand new AXT X11 Turbo today.

Finance up to $5000 now available!

Our new financing packages are able to be used for both purchasing the kit and having one of our many distributors install it, for up to $5000!
Don’t forget that we also have a 2 years extended warranty on all of our turbo’s, so what is stopping you? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Find out more by contacting the team on (03) 9793 7740 or by talking to one of our distributors today!