AXT Turbo is currently located across 2 buildings in Dandenong. Luckily , right next door to each other…
Factory 2 – 175 is our warehousing facility and Factory 3 – 175 is our houses our workshop and R&D centre, where all our new products evolve.

Even through the “harsh economic climate” AXT continues it’s steady growth, not only supplying our turbo systems to the aftermarket, but also entering into the OE supply chain, using our turbo systems for emissions compliance, fuel efficiency gains and of course, increasing performance.

In additon to supply, AXT Turbo regularly performs the R&D and prototyping duties for many other manufacturers, creating the base turbo systems for a variety of different applications.

For our aftermarket solutions, AXT Turbo is currently working on a number of new turbo systems.
We are currently developing a variety of turbo systems, for both petrol and diesel engines, creating usable torque and power gains.
We also have some power-up kits in the works, for powering up your factory turbo vehicle, and eliminating some of the known power delivery issues that some factory vehicles exhibit.

Our workshop facility is rapidly turning into Melbourne’s prime reconditioning facility, with AXT’s technicians reconditioning OE and aftermarket turbochargers to better to OE spec.
AXT Turbo’s own custom VSR Turbo Dynomometer is proving to be one of the most successful and useful tools we now own. ( Read more about our VSR balancing and the AXT VSR Turbo DYNO ).

Our retail workshop, is again expanded, including our DTS 4WD Dynomometer, used for both diagnostics and vehicle tuning. ( Read more about the AXT retail workshop ).

With our continued steady growth and stable, consistent, reliable delivery of goods, AXT Turbo continues providing the optimum in sales service, delivery of goods and quality you have come to know of from us.