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Falcon BA RTV 4.0L Engine Turbo Kit

Petrol 4X4 Turbo Kits > Ford

This turbo system is under the final longevity testing of it's design phase...

AXT currently has 3 vehicles fitted with final design systems, each averaging about 100,000km's per year.
Once each have completed 250,000km's, AXT will strip down each engine, to confirm wear is as per standard.

Assuming all is well ( and it is extremely promising now at 245,000km's ), we will happily release this kit shortly.

The test vehicles will be re-assembled and refitted with their respective turbo systems; once again, being sent out into the world for continued service.

This turbo system includes all turbo hardware and intercooler.
For our testing and emissions compliance, we have used the mapping from a standard BA XR6 Turbo, without modification.
Our final kit will require an additonal device, to "flash" the standard ECU.
These units are available from a number of different vendors, who may also be able to tune the vehicle for even further power increases.

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