I can’t find a pricing list? What would the price be for….?

Simply give the team a call on 03 9793 7740 and the team will be happy to give you the pricing for your particular turbo.

Do you guys install the turbo’s as well as sell them?

Yes! Based in Dandenong we are able to fully install and supply you with a brand new turbo for your vehicle. Not in the area? Don’t worry, we have many dedicated distributors and mechanics Australia wide that we can direct you to for installation and supply, all personally chosen due to their skills in the turbo industry.

My ….. isn’t a 4wd, can you still supply a turbo for it?

We can provide you with a turbo for just about any make and model of car going around. Experts in our craftsmanship, custom made turbos are no problem for the team at AXT Turbo due to the thousands of hours spent on R & D on our turbo range. We have the X11 or the DRB turbo you need. Don’t see your car on our product pages? Give the team a call on 03 9793 7740 and find out we can help.