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High Performance Turbochargers

AXT Turbo carries a range of "off the shelf" high performance turbochargers to suit your specific requirements.

Catering from small frame 150HP rated, to 1000+HP rated turbo's, AXT has the optimal turbo combination for your high performance engine.

All AXT High performance turbochargers are built to exacting specifications, using the best componentry available, balanced to extremely high tolerances, pre-tested to the units peak rating, to ensure "out of the box" performance.

Further specialist turbo builds are available, where consultation with your engine builder, or providing all critical engine specifications, will enable us to build the ultimate turbocharger for your individual requirements. In addition to our standard rigorous testing, we can also provide a full PRACTICAL FLOW MAP, rather than a generic theoretical flow map. In this way, we can match complete combinations, with exacting reliability.

Turbocharger size selection is the most critical choice you will make when building your high performance vehicle. Many factors need to be taken into account, to gain the best possible response, power generation and of course, reliability.

Unlike many of the "guides" available, AXT prefers to allow some "lee-way" in turbo selection, to ensure that peak power quoted figures are actually available, and not "subject to mechanical or frictional losses" as some tend to state.

AXT High Flow Turbos

Also, please remember a 450HP turbo will not make your standard engine make 450HP without the appropriate engine build and tuning.

Turbocharger rating List:

100-150HP / 1000cc-1.4L = AXT-T2 150

120-170HP / 1.3L - 1.8L = AXT-T2 180

140-200HP / 1.6L - 2.2L = AXT-T25 200

150-225HP / 1.8L - 2.5L = AXT-T25 225

170-250HP / 2.0L - 3.0L = AXT-T3 250

200-300HP / 2.5L - 3.5L = AXT-T3 300

250-350HP / 3.0L - 4.0L = AXT-T3 350

300-400HP / 3.0L - 4.5L = AXT-T4 400

350-450HP / 3.0L - 5.0L = AXT-T4 450

400-550HP / 3.0L - 6.0L = AXT-T4 500

450-600HP / 3.0L - 8.0L = AXT-600HP

500-700HP / 3.0L - 8.0L = AXT-700HP

450-800HP / 3.0L - 8.0L = AXT-800HP

600-1000HP / 5.0L - 8.0L = AXT-1000HP

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