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Engine Tuning

AXT Turbo Diagnostic Service – Plug In – Init Diags – Print off data

AXT Turbo has access to virtually all Vehicle electrical and computer systems through our highly specialised Diagnostic Command Centre.



AXT Turbo has access to virtually all Vehicle electrical and computer systems through our highly specialised Diagnostic Command Centre.

Use of this Command Centre can be in conjustion with dyno, or in stand-alone use.

Please Note : Customers MUST be made aware that any “Reset” procedure, or unlooking of any OEM system may result in the loss of the built-in adaptive learning, which may in-fact present as less power once the system is reset. It may take time for the ECU to relearn these adaptions.

We CANNOT / WILL NOT alter ANY odometer reading, regardless of excuse. We do not care if the ODO has been replaced / Altered.

Whilst the unit does have KEY Coding functions, due to security issues, we DO NOT do ANY key coding for anyone, no matter the reason or excuse. Refer to a locksmith or OEM.

We will NOT re-VIN the factory ECU for any reason. In fact, if the ECI and vehicle VIN do not match we will immediately call the Police, without notifying the customer.

AIRBAG/ SRS systems, we can reset, but we do not take responsibility for unexpected Airbag deployment. Airbag systems can deploy for a number of reasons, when the system is reset. Typically it is due to an underlying issue with the SRS system, which has not been entirely rectified. While we will attempt to make sure the ECU Diagnostics does not report any current issues, prior to reset, we cannot guarantee that everything is ok.

Each vehicle model has varying access to differing functions, however we can access virtually all functions as normally required.

Allow 15-20 minutes


Further diagnostic charged at normal workshop / hour rate or dyno rates as applicable.


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