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Braided Lines

Braided Line and Fittings



AXT Turbo utilises the best in braided line technology :
Stainless Steel Braid , Teflon Lined Aeroquip Hose and Fittings.

Oil Hose and fittings ( commonly -4 size ) are readily available, with many “off the shelf” premade hoses available, as well as custom hose assemblies being made and tested.

Coolant Hose and fittings ( commonly -6 size ) are also available from stock, with custom hose assemblies being made to order.

The Braided lines are designed to suit the extremes of use, coping with extremely high temperatures, pressures and vibration, to provide years of trouble free service.

Many people ask why we use these lines, instead of ruibber and steel tube like car manufacturers..
The answer is two-fold :
1 – Price : The vehicle manufacturer is only looking for a component to last the length of the warranty, and only wants the cheapest way to achieve this. A rubber and steel tube is fine in this situation. The bonus for the manufacturer is the spare part sales in the future….
We look at our hoses having to live the life of the vehicle, regardless of the servicing.
2 – Technical superiority to rubber steel line : The braided hose will not rust, corrode, or degrade like rubber / steel lines can. This means much less likelyhood of a hose splitting or failing.
In addition, the teflon lining does not allow for any internal “build-up” of sludge, debris or any other contaminant , which may eventually block the line, causing much greater failures in time.




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