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TB42 4.2L Carby Engine Turbo Kit

Petrol 4X4 Turbo Kits > Nissan > Patrol

The AXT Turbo system to suit the TB42 Carb engine, consists only of :

Manifold - 2 Piece Cast Unit
Turbocharger - Customised Garrett based Water-cooled Unit
Braided Oil and Coolant Lines
Oil Return
Turbine Outlet Pipe
and all fittings , adapters etc.

We do not have a "full" system for this vehicle.
There is very sound reasoning for not having a "full" system for this vehicle :
1- Very few carb versions of the TD42 still remain in as per factory standard condition.
2- There are a huge variety of options to choose from , which mean a full system would have to be altered anyway.
3- With the age of the vehicle, and the very real possibility of other aftermarket accessories already having been fitted, a full system would again need altering to accomodate every possible combination.
4- Price : We could not justify releasing a "full kit" that would need modifications in 99% of cases, and charge the end customer for a "complete" package...

We recommend using our standard "hardware only" turbo system, with a suitable intercooler unit, that will fit your vehicle, without modification.
The "
hardware only" system is matched to the TB42, and will flow exactly as the engine needs.

For intercooling options, you can choose from Liquid/Air solutions from
PlasmaMans W2A or PWR's Liquid/Air Range, depending on your vehicles needs, and your requirements.
We also carry an extensive range of Air/Air Intercooler options from both manufacturers.

For your fuel and ignition modifications, the list of options could almost be endless, again depending on your needs and requirements.

Contact AXT Turbo's technical sales team, for ideal options to suit. Our technicians can offer experience, knowledge and advise on everything from full blown EFI conversions, to simple carby modification tips.

Ideally, AXT would suggest the following to convert your naturally aspirated TB42 into a Turbocharged Patrol.

1 - The AXT Turbo Hardware system
2 - The Plasmaman 500HP W2A Intercooler
3 - Source an electronic distributor of a later model to delete the points. Have a boost retard unit fitted.
4 - Depending on fuel and boost requirements :
a- Have the standard Carb modified to suit - Mechanical secondaries and jetting changes ( good up to 5 PSI )
b- Use a Holley / Weber aftermarket Car, built for boost
c- Convert to solely running on LPG. Use a GRA LPG Throttle body. ( This is likely to be the only option for your vehicle to pass an emissions test if required. )

Again, contact AXT Turbo's specialist technical sales team for further info ..

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