The AXT turbo Repair Center

Yes, we do Turbo repairs and upgrades

For many years our workshop team has solely concentrated on the professional installation of the AXT Turbo Systems, and providing the physical facilities to the AXT Research and Design Team….

Over the years our customers have been asking for us to be able to provide regular servicing, as they all know our mechanics are professionals, not interested in “scrimping” on quality , just to save a few dollars…

2 years ago, we started offering regular service work to a select few, using top shelf products and the demand has been growing ever since..

Today, as there are less and less reputable workshops, our maintenance programs have gone to the next level.


Our workshop

AXT’s Workshop now caters specifically for turbocharged vehicles, with a team of specialty trained personnel to provide the ultimate care-plan for your vehicle. With Turbocharged vehicles, a well operated “Care-Plan” will provide you with years of care-free reliability. All AXT’s servicing matches or supercedes manufacturers service requirements ( remember manufacturers love selling spare parts and loading up the prices as they do ).

Our workshop also does pre-purchase mechanical inspections, to provide the additional “piece of mind” that may be needed when purchasing your next Turbocharged vehicle.

For customers participating in one of our Care-plan programs, further benefits, including substantial savings are included reducing your overall “Total Cost of Ownership”!

Drop In , give us a call or send an email to learn the full benefits of AXT Turbo Servicing and ensure the long term reliability of your turbo vehicle.

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