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Turbo Clamps

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Turbo Hose Clamps

AXT Turbo Standard High Quality Stainless Band Hose Clamps.

These clamps are specifically designed to suit the rigors of turbo hose and the underbonnet heat of a turbo vehicle at full performance.

The band strength is fantastic, only requiring normal tension to correctly clamp the hose.
Being a narrow band clamp, more torque is applied over a smaller area, resulting in perfect sealing, even on rougher surfaces.

The OE Look , style and feel of these clamps also adds to the underbonnet asthetics, keeping an uncluttered look, with optimum performance.

AXT Turbo also stocks our extreme range of clamps.

These are designed to suit the extremes of performance, solving all problems of slipping and leaking hoses permanently, under the worst of conditions.

These T-Bolt Style Clamps are designed to be tightened by spanner or socket.

Extreme torque can be applied, without braking the clamp, while maintaining consistant pressure and clamping force across the entire clamp face.

If you have had any clamping issues, then these will solve the problem for good!

Turbo V Band Clamps

AXT Turbo keeps a large range of V-Band Style Clamps in stock.

These are top quality stainless V-Band Clamps, designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, without suffering the deformation of cheaper clamps.

Common sizes are carried in stock, with others available on order.
In addition to the clamps, AXT can also supply the flanges and flange spacers required by older turbo's and unusual applications.

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