Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE 100 /105r series Automatic CV5 Turbocharger HotSide kit


AXT Turbocharger hardware kit for 1FZ-fe 100 / 105r Series Landcruiser Automatic Transmission.

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AXT CV5 Turbocharger Kit to suit the Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE 100 / 105r series Automatic.

The standard ECU part number of 89661-?????.

Need more torque and power from your Cruiser ???

With this kit fitted and tuned, you can expect approx 50-60% more torque and power over standard, running at just 6-7PSI boost with an appropriate intercooler and engine control system.

Towing, Off Road Driving, Highway speed comfort and overtaking ability ?? YES !

The AXT Turbo CV5 Hotside Turbo kit includes:

AXT Custom 2 Piece Cast exhaust manifold, with integral expansion joint

Customised AXT X11 Series Turbocharger, specifically designed to match a standard 1FZ-FE engine

Stainless Teflon Lined Oil Feed Line and Oil Feed adapter Tee

Turbocharger Oil Drain adapter, hose and Sump fitting

Turbocharger coolant lines and adapters

Turbine outlet Pipe adapter/flange for any aftermarket custom exhaust system

Turbo compressor entry and outlet silicone hose adapters.

Suggested Add-on Kits / Optional Kits

The AXT CV5 Intercooler and pipework kit is an ideal option for a more complete installation package.

The AXT CV5 Parallel MaxxMini ECU package is ideal for an entry level tuning package.

The AXT MaxxECU Plug-in ECU package is ideal for higher performance applications. The MaxxECU wire in package is also available and ideal for vehicles that require additional options or require wiring repairs already.

We also support the Haltech Plug-In ECU package for this vehicle.


Can I run this HotSide kit, without an intercooler or ECU ?

Yes and No : Without an intercooler, you’ll have very limited ability to run much more than 3-4PSI boost pressure. This is due to the simple fact that when you compress air ( with the turbocharger ) it creates heat. Hotter intake temperatures can lead to pre-ignition, especially in hotter ambient conditions. An intercooler is definitely recommended for the 1FZ-FE.¬† ¬†Using the factory ECU alone for tuning will result in minor power increases, and extremely high fuel usage. This is because the factory ECU will effectively only see 100% load, everytime the vehicle is under boosted conditions, and will subsequently supply the maximum amount of fuel at all times. Additionally, without any timing mapping to suit boosted conditions, the factory ECU will only provide ignition timing suitable for a naturally aspirated engine, and you’ll only be relying on the factory knock control system for ignition changes (very risky).

There are ways and means of somewhat “tuning” the vehicle, without an intercooler and ECU combination. The factory airflow meter can be mechanically calibrated to more accurately read engine air and an aftermarket rising rate fuel pressure regulator could be fitted to get “closer to correct” air/fuel ratio’s. Higher octane fuels or fuel additives can be used to reduce the risk of ignition detonation. Do we recommend this ?? NO.. Simply it’s not reliable for long term use, but for the hobbyist looking to play, this can be an ideal starting point..

Can I run LPG ?

Yes – But why ??? You might have noticed we’ve got an entire article written about LPG use from a few years back… back when LPG was truely an economically viable fuel.. With current LPG pricing, realistically, it’s no longer any cheaper to use.. Additionally, unless your 1fz-fe engine has been specifically modified to suit the current generation of “dry” LPG, you’ll actually be doing damage. Current LPG fuels do not have anywhere near the same levels of integrated lubrication as they used to, resulting in substantial issues with valve seat recession and piston ring wear. Critically, LPG also burns at hotter temperatures, which combined with a turbocharger, means that additional tuning requirements and maintenance will be needed to ensure optimal engine life.

My engine has over 300,000kms – is it safe to turbo ?

Maybe – We treat each and every engine as unique. Prior to any turbocharger installation, we recommend an engine health analysis to determine suitability. A Compression Test will identify major issues, but a far more important test would be a “Leak-down” type test. A properly fitted and tuned turbocharger package will not cause harm, however if there is a pre-existing problem, it’ll definitely highlight it.. A proper Dyno-Analysis will reveal engine performance issues long before you start a turbo installation and is highly recommended..

Will my vehicle overheat if I turbo it ?

Put simply NO – the factory cooling system in the standard 80series is quite good for performance. If there is an overheating issue, it’s because of another factor. The most common issue we see is restricted airflow across the front of the vehicle ( due to aftermarket accessories – barwork, winches, driving lights ), closely followed by actual cooling system problems ( fan clutch hub failure, blocked radiator, failing waterpumps and soft radiator hoses ). More recently we have seen a high occurance of A/C system problems creating significant heat generation in the condensor core. Incorrect A/C gas or gas charge levels can induce major heat generation and subsequent overheating..

Can I run more boost ?

Yes, within limits and your tuner’s recommendations. The AXT X11 Turbocharger will support over 20PSI boost, BUT, it is designed for optimal flow at our suggested limits, creating a very smooth torque response and power delivery. If you’re looking for higher horsepower applications, have a chat with our technicians about our custom DRB series packages, specifically designed to match your requirements.

Do you do package deals for Hotside, Intercooler and ECU kits ?

Yes , we do ! We can also organise freight to your location, or installation at our Dandenong workshop AXT4X4. There are also many other options not available though the website, so contact our team for your specific requirements.


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