Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE 100 /105r series CV5 Intercooler and Piping Kit


AXT Intercooler and Pipework Kit to suit the AXT CV5 Turbocharger kit for the Toyota Landcruiser 100/105r 1FZ-Fe

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Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE 100 /105r series CV5 Intercooler and Piping kit.

This kit includes all mandrel stainless bends, Silicone hoses, joiners, mounting brackets, hardware and Front Mount air/air intercooler to suit your CV5 Turbo Hardware Kit.

An intercooler ( aftercooler ) cools down the charge air from the turbocharger, increasing air density and reducing inlet temperatures. This ensures engine longevity and reliability, by limiting the risk of pre-ignition or detonation. We consider an intercooler a must for the 1FZ-Fe engine, as the combustion chamber design is very susceptible to “hot-spoting”, increasing the risk of pinging under rapid changes of engine loading. With the intercooler fitted, combustion temperatures are significantly reduced, enhancing engine life and reducing emissions.

The piping kit also includes the ducting from airbox to turbocharger, reducing the fabrication time required for installation.

Sufficient piping and bends are included to accommodate all the various forms of front barwork, allowing routing around mounts etc., while eliminating the need to cut bodywork or structural components.

Relocation of other components, such as the horn, thermofans, transmission cooler or power steering cooler may be required for optimum installation. Other aftermarket components may also require relocation.

This kit suits both the Automatic and Manual Transmission models, including additional hardware for fitting of both models.


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