Meet the team

Allow me to introduce the AXT Turbo team

Meet Frank, aka the big boss

Frank is a Ramoolian and his just swans around the place checking in on everyone. Like any boos love to be the centre of attention, getting praised for stuff he didn’t do and sleeps on the job because he can. Don’t be like Frank. But we love him.




Meet Andrew

Andrew is our technical expert in all things Turbo and quite frankly it’s scary and not natural how much stuff he knows about engines in general. Andrew role it to make sure our X11 and DRB series of Turbos continues to evolve and can be found late at night manning the Ask the Expert live chat. Say “Hi” to Andrew next time you use our live chat, he’ll appreciate that.




This is Karen

Well not really, karen was tooooo busy to have her photo stolen so she said to use “any old photo” so I did. Karen does an amazing job looking after payroll and accounts.





And this is Tania, Karen’s assistant.

Tania looks after admin and customer enquiries.






This is Jarod,

One of these young “hipster types” who mans the phones and looks after our sales department and mucks around on our website and updates Facebook. Actually we are not really sure if he does any work but he fills a space and is competent at answering the phone.




This is Tim

Not the bloke doing the photo bomb, the bloke at the front with “Anger management issues”. According to him he takes care of lead generation, our Google Ads, tinkers around with the website and or email marketing system, and does marketing stuff in general.




Introducing the new kid on the block Adam,

The bigger bloke wearing the hat with the silly grin on his face. Adam is responsible for the workshop, dyno and overall he takes awesome care of your pride and joy when we work on it in our workshop.



Our workshop team

We can show their faces, something about being on Australia’s most wanted.

Brody loves to watch and micro manage but ensures your service is done properly.

John just get on with the job and tells Brody to leave him alone.

Between them they can figure out how to change the oil and getting really good at replacing spark plugs and radiator fluid. One of them even knows how to change a wiper blade!


Our Warehouse team

Meet Dante and Matt.

They are both very shy which is why we hide them in the warehouse and didn’t like having their photos taken. They look after the warehouse and make sure your X11 turbos, DRB turbos and turbo kits go out correctly and on time.