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Silicon Hose & Bends

Silicon hose and bends


AXT Turbo stocks a range of turbo rated , high temperature, oil resistant , multi-ply reinforced silicone hose.
This is not your average silicone hose.

Firstly – Temperature Rating from -65° to 550°F (-53.9°C to 287.8°C). ( Most others peak at around 220DegC ).

Secondly – Thin wall section, while retaining multi-ply ratings.

Third – Fibre outer layer.

What does this all add up to ?

The high temperature rating allows the hose to be used where normal hoses just couldn’t cope.
The thin wall section keeps the hose stops the hose “ballooning”, by retaining stiff sidewalls, yet still allow flexibility for vibrations etc. The thin wall also has another advantage, which goes with :
The fibre outer layer, which not only adds rigidity, but also aids clamping friction, to stop the hose from slipping out from behind your hose clamp.
Thick wall silicone hose outers require very broad band, high torque clamps , just to stay affixed under normal use, let alone high pressure, high performance uses.
The AXT Silicone Hose will stay fixed permanently using normal clamping torque, under the most extreme conditions. This simply means reliability !

Available in sizes 2″ to 3.5″ off the shelf, cut to size or by the length.
Other sizes are available on special order 1/4″ through to 8″ diameter.


XT Turbo stocks a range of silicone bends and reducers.

All these hoses are temperature and pressure tested to meet stingent criteria, for long reliable use.

30, 45 , 90 , 135 and 180 degree bends are available, with sizes from 1.75″ through to 4″ diameter.

Custom sizes and bends are available to order.


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